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26 Sep 2010 : There be Giants - Brockham Green CC 2010 Review

There be Giants - Brockham Green CC 2010 Review

And so it is the end of yet another season, the summer is waning and the dark nights drawing in. The bats, stumps, mowers and rolling machines are all but locked up behind cold steel doors and the BBQ has spluttered forth its last ounce of warmth. But from these dying embers a remarkable new era is about to blossom....

So let’s start back at a beginning, not necessarily the beginning, just ‘a’; as all these things are essentially relative.

I think it is fair to say that no-one really knew what to expect this season and the book keepers were certainly not letting on, well not to us at any rate.

1st XI
The 1st XI has a few new faces amongst some of the old guard. There was also a change of skipper and all this would understandably take time to truly ‘bed in’. Needless to say, they acquitted themselves well; especially as the standard at the top is ever reaching new levels.

So welcome to a real wildebeest of a man in both body and soul, a man who regularly swats hapless bowlers out of field and county with calculated ease: new Skipper of the 1st XI - Mr Gerard Weide. Ably assisted by Mr ‘Slow Hand Luke’ himself as his new vice Skip: Paul Tipping. A true gentleman who many of you will know from his tireless & selfless dedication to the Colts and Juniors on Friday evening coaching sessions. If that wasn’t enough, there are always Owen Taylor’s constant battle cries echoing across the field to put the fear of something into the opposition.

Batting Mentions
Gerard Weide led the way with some solid batting and a top score of 124 (343 for the season), followed up by ‘Mr Consistency’ himself Mike Tapper 75 (356 season), an excellent 73 not out for Jez Palmer (205 season) and a good old 70 (194 season) from ‘bad boy’ Richard Brown. This was rounded up with a fine 57 (305 season) from the ever dependable Paul Tipping and a commendable 52 (237 season) from Jonathan Ellis who also took 16 catches as the man behind the stumps.

Bowling Mentions
This year’s bowling was lead by a demonic Mark Haines who managed to spin out 38 wickets and a best of 6-42. He was followed by a very impressive Chris Weill with a fast 28 wickets (best 5-53). Not to be outdone Billy Scott-Malden (19 wickets), Gerard Weide (17 wickets) and Jez Palmer (13 wickets) all contributed to a solid season from the big boys.

Won 7, Drawn 2, Lost 7

2nd XI
I don’t know how to start this ‘fairy tale’ but to say that I have had the privilege of being a member of this squad for 4 long years. From being the whipping boys that could hardly get a team together at times to a team that last year didn’t lose a home game at the ‘Fortress’ is wonderful stuff. You’d be forgiven in thinking that it was just a flash in the pan - but oh no. With people suddenly clamouring to get into the team this year and with a solid ‘hardened’ backbone of regulars, the 2nd XI (or ‘The Horde’) not only were very dangerous at home but also went on the rampage and took the fight to teams away at their home grounds! No one it seems was safe!

It was the combination of the sheer tenacity of the team, who never knew when to give up chasing seemingly lost causes only to turn them around and the total self belief that each member had for his colleagues.

For the ‘Horde’ only went on to finish 2nd and win PROMOTION to Division 3!

Praise naturally must go to the front men who have stuck to their ethics of fair play and equal opportunity within the team and have nurtured a wonderful feeling of comradeship within this side as a whole.

Congratulations to Captain Chris Pitchford and vice Captain Phil Brown on a job well done.

Batting Mentions
Darryn Howland kept us all guessing right to the end when he eventually put up a hard hitting top score of 89 (195 for the season), not very far behind was Mike Silence who scored a wonderful 80 not out (265 season).  Mike Ives fell exhausted across the line with a solid high of 64 (201 season) and 13 catches as the chap behind the stumps. An excellent début season for Anthony Bagshaw who knocked up a fine 63 (166) and there to keep us all honest was the skip, Chris Pitchford with a 49 not out (188 season).

Bowling Mentions
This year’s bowling was lead by Andrew Ellis with a highly destructive 36 wickets and a best of 7-30. In that match he managed not only to take 3 wickets in the 1st over, but on the 1st and 2nd ball! Mike Silence came up next with a fine haul of 25 wickets (best 5-41) with last years top wicket taker Phil Brown, 21 wickets (best 5-56) very close behind. A great return for John Tipping who was out all last year with a broken ankle, like a man possessed he took 18 wickets (best 5-40). While bringing up the rear with 12 wickets apiece was Darryn Howland (best 5-30) and Mike Ellis, who is quickly maturing into a very fine all round cricketer.

Won 9, Drawn 4, Lost 4

The Blossoming continues…
As you may know, the Brockham Green Cricket Club has, over the last year, being trying to raise enough funds for some new Nets to benefit not only the current teams, but the Colts, Juniors and the next generation of young Brockamite cricketers to come.

The response has been wonderful and I am very proud to announce that, with the valuable help of the Poland Trust, we have reached our slightly revised target of £20,000.

Thank you all who contributed. 

As a Club we’ve enjoyed immensely the cut and thrust of arguably one of mankind’s only true great contributions to civilisation as a whole. Wins and Losses alike; it’s the taking part that really counts. Along with the commitment, banter and wonderful camaraderie that all goes hand in hand and of course the Beer & BBQs. To have achieved our goal helping to secure the Nets and going forward to Club Mark status is breathtaking. I can end this story by saying only this:

I am both proud and privileged; for I have stood shoulder to shoulder with Giants.

The ‘Hat’